The Rock River Valley's natural beauty as told by early settlers was so beautiful at Grand Detour that the Rock River tried to turn around and get another look, and so will you



815-595-4255 call for river levels



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showers available in Dixon for $5 at anytime fitness, $10 for all day pass at Y in dixon including pool and workout equipment, and $12 at road ranger.

. 200 waterfront sites, and almost four miles of shoreline, and three miles of roads.  See photos of the islands below.  No reservations needed.  Campground opens on Friday April 20th 2018.  No entry before that date as winter floods have soaked the islands which need to dry out.  Do NOT come out before the 20th as our main road has hours of flood repair to complete before the 20th.

 Our new check in procedure is one vehicle will be logged and all passengers names entered in the vehicle log.  Please do not be impatient and wait your turn as one vehicle and their passengers are processed.                            Please do not call the office on your way out to the campground asking for address.....gps will get you lost.  You should cut and paste the address below and print a map....otherwise you will get lost with GPS, and having 5 people calling for directions while checking in people does not work, and we must hang up and take care of the campers who got their directions before leaving.        

 google map -copy and paste( 8195 route 2 south grand detour il 61021)




 information page                The village of Grand Detour information


14lb walleye camping season opening weekend

Campers were getting walleye off the south causeway as another great fishing season commences

Wildlife paradise

Herons, Hawks, Turkey Vultures, and Eagles will make your boating trip a venture into one of the Midwests finest wildlife habitats.

Holidays are now three day minimum- memorial day, 4th July, and Labor Day will require three day fee of $45 minimum per person.

We are unable to chase people down who have not paid. On Labor day weekend if you come Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you will pay $45 per person even if you only spend Sunday night here. There will be no early check in fee with a holiday weekend and the gates remain open 7am until 11pm.

June, July, August, and September are now two day minimum regardless what day you come on a weekend.

People have continued to abuse our old policy, and single day camping will only happen in March, April, May, October and November. There will be early check in fees in those months without the two day minimum, but with the two day minimum months you will pay a flat two day camping fee regardless of what time you arrive




We no longer rent kayaks and canoes, and you can contact  White Pelican canoe rental in Oregon for canoe rentals.   The phone number for White Pelican which is located behind Conover Square by the Oregon dam is 815-263-4088.   We no longer carry tubes for tubing, but you can get an inexpensive tube at the Wal Mart in Dixon.

Please stay on the gravel roads as much as possible when the ground is wet.  We will recover damage for vehicles who spin or damage the grass.  Please do not move picnic tables or firepits.  We have lost over 10k dollars of picnic tables in floods over the last 11 years because campers move the tethers and tie downs.

Our new check in procedure will have every vehicle driver scanning their Illinois driver's license, and then providing the full names of all passengers at registration.  Here is an example of the registration form which is on a computer in the registration tent which you will fill out.

Because of Illness we are no longer able to keep up with the demand for firewood from our trees and are now buying retail firewood from other sources.  The price per bundle is now $7,  2 bundles $14, 3 bundles $20, 4 bundles $25.   We encourage people to bring firewood from other sources(do not bring construction waste for firewood) because we are having difficulties keeping up with demand and are losing money on firewood which we must have available for a quality camping experience for our campers.

We have avoided penalizing frequent car use at our campground, but after a horrible experience on Memorial Day where campers were complaining about all the car traffic, we are going to penalize those campers who disrupt other campers natural camping experience.   We want cars parked  on busy weekends and do not want other campers disrupted, our gravel roads rutted, and the need to constantly monitor the gate not from new campers, but a handful of campers who abuse our former reentry policy.   Starting in June, if a vehicle after initial entry has more than three reentries, we will charge $5 per vehicle reentry the remainder of the weekend.   If you need to  get things, make a list and get what you need in one trip.  The Shell station is walking distance for most of the campground....please enjoy nature and respect that campers come here to enjoy nature.....not car traffic.  If after a weekend of too frequent of reentry, even after being fined, you riske being put on our banned camper list.  If there is a disability, or emergency please communicate to Judy the same when you check in, but we are making signage for the entrance. and discourage frequent use of your vehicle when visiting this natural campground.  If we all have consideration of the goal of a quality natural camping experience, your experience will be better.

.  No reservation required we always have space and campsites........first come....first served.

We will no longer allow any music systems in the campground which do not use headphones.  In the Chicago area your camping group may rent headphones from No music shall play which can be heard beyond a campsite.   There will be no warnings and you will be asked to leave.    We are a natural campground where people come to camp to get away from noise clutter.  Please find another campground if you do not have headphones.  People have abused our noise rules and we now have zero tolerance for breaking our noise rules. 

New Water policy.   All campers must bring their own water or refill water at other locations like the Shell station across the street,  as the state will not allow us to let campers take water from the well at the house.  We hope to have this resolved later this summer.

July 15th through November 15th seasonal sites.  Limited number of 25 selected sites which allow two campers unlimited access to their campsite and use of the new flush porta pottie.  The fee is $525 with $250 at time of reserving a site, another $275 payment 30 days after the deposit.  Triangle signs will show the 25 sites available for seasonal use on July 15th through November 15th.